Sacramental Life

Parents who request baptism for their children have the obligation of practicing their faith and ensuring that their children are raised in the Faith. Preparation for the celebration of Baptism consists of obtaining a ‘Baptism Package’ containing the history and Scriptures of the Sacrament; attendance at an evening Baptism Meeting.  Baptisms occur the last Sunday 10:00 a.m. of the month.
Those families for Baptism must be registered, practicing members of Holy Spirit Parish.
R.C.I.A. ( Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults )
This is the process for ADULTS who are unbaptized; for adults baptized in other Faiths and wish to join the fullness of the Roman Catholic Church; for Catholics who have never celebrated Confirmation. Weekly sessions after Thanksgiving until Easter.

the Eucharist, the Mass is the Heart of the Catholic Community. since at the Table of the Last Supper in Jesus' command - This is my Body. This is my blood, Do This In Remembrance, of Me. Mass Schedule.

Since the time of the Gospel passage of Jesus authorizing St. Peter to forgive sins the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) has served as the Sacrament of Forgiveness, healing and Love.
Saturdays: 4:00 p.m 4:45 p.m. at the Church - 650 Essa Rd.


SACRAMENT OF Confirmation
Confirmation is offered to parishioners in Grade 7 and older. The parish program begins in the Fall each year and continues to the celebration of the Sacrament in the spring. The program is family-school-parish based and includes the youth involved in parish community service, involvement in the life of prayer at the parish and other activities to allow the young person to make that decision of Faith. Those families for Confirmation must be registered, practicing members of  Holy Spirit Parish

 The church shares the joy of a couple who want to celebrate their love as husband and wife united under the Sacrament of Jesus Christ. We generally ask for one year notification in order to fulfill all the preparations needed. Marriage Preparation courses are offered in the spring and Fall. If there has been a previous union no date may be set until permission is granted by the bishop. Please contact the Parish Office. Those couples for Marriage must be registered, practicing members of Holy Spirit Parish The priest at Holy Spirit is the one who celebrates your wedding.

This Sacrament is the celebration of Christ’s healing touch for people who are seriously ill. A person may be anointed more than once and it is recommended that the priest celebrates the Anointing as soon as the illness is discovered. Call the Parish office. The Hospital has a pager system for Catholic priest .

sacrament - Holy Orders ( Priesthood ) :The Church, or rather God, ‘ordains’ certain people to be the spiritual leaders for the community in service. If anyone is interested in direction towards a call to the priesthood or consecrated religious life call the Parish Office or the Office of Vocations in Toronto

Eucharist ( First Communion ) :
It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are prepared for the Sacrament of Eucharist. This is done in a partnership of parish - school - family. The immediate preparation is done in conjunction with all partners in education in the grade 2 year and up.The parish program of preparation for First Communion begins with registration in early Fall each year at the parish. An Enrollment Mass in December visibly begins the process at the parish. Family Take Home books, school visits by the priests and classroom prep complete the process. Those families for First Communion must be registered, practicing members of Holy Spirit Parish

Reconciliation ( First Confession ) :
It is the duty of the partnership of parent- school- parish praying and working together in the preparations of this Sacrament, beginning in September. Grade 2 and up are invited to experience this Sacrament of God’s mercy and love.

The Liturgy of the Funeral Mass celebrates the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ - sorrow with Hope. funerals are celebrated at Holy Spirit Parish and the pastor of Holy Spirit presiding at the funeral.